Conservation and Giving Back

At Timber Ninja our goal may be innovative products for the mobile hunter, but our passions are getting folks outdoors and conserving wildlife and providing them the habitat they need in order to flourish.

So how do we do that? How do we give back? Well, we are going to do our part to mentor new hunters, assist with R3 efforts in our state as well as nationally, work with NGOs through donations and identifying resource concerns for wildlife on both public and private lands and being part of the solution for access and making sure wildlife has the habitat it needs.

Mentoring new hunters is something that we encourage others to do. It's not hard, and there are a plethora of resources available like the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National R3 Plan. Each state also has an R3 plan and many states have dedicated staff in their Fish and Game agency to implement R3 efforts. Many conservation organizations have R3 programs with dedicated staff as well. Donations to these causes are nice, and TNO will be contributing that way, but the most important thing is willing volunteers getting in the arena to assist and mentor. At TNO, all of our team members are engaged in mentoring new hunters, and reactivating those who may have left the ranks.

Aldo Leopold said “A conservationist is one who is humbly aware that with each stroke of the axe, they write their name on the landscape.” In our current world, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, and suppression of natural regimes have led to a decline in wildlife habitat, and ultimately, a decrease in wildlife. There are a plethora of conservation organizations doing their part to restore habitat and give wildlife what they need to thrive. There are also many who are making sure we have access to public places to participate on the landscape. At TNO, our team sits on boards for a few conservation organizations and also participates in collaborative meetings with volunteers from many NGOs. A membership to any of these organizations is great and does help with their mission- but at TNO, we strive to not only send a check for membership, we want to be the hands and feet. As we have seen with our products, a portion of anything we sell goes back to a conservation organization. But cutting a check is easy, anyone can do it. Know what isnt easy? Eating smoke on a prescribed fire. Spending free weekends cleaning up trash and litter. Going to meetings, not just soap boxing on social media, but actually going to meetings in person to participate with those who make the decisions for our lands and wildlife. Trying to work WITH agencies to put conservation on the ground.

At Timber Ninja, we give back with our blood, sweat, tears and wallets. Join us.

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