Black Belt Saddle

Black Belt Saddle
Black Belt Saddle
Black Belt Saddle
Black Belt Saddle
Black Belt Saddle
Black Belt Saddle

Introducing the Black Belt!  If you're ready to excel in the mastery of mobile hunting then the Black Belt is the saddle for you.  The padded two panel design is made with comfort in mind.  The breathable and lightweight padding was used to provide superior comfort and support.  Its a great incentive for the hunter that does all day sits or find other saddles having hip pinch issues.  The two panel design allows each individual panel to be positioned for superior comfort.

The saddle is made in the USA by a manufacturer of Fall Protection with over 40 years of keeping workers safe at heights.  The saddle is manufactured to OSHA's Fall Restraint Standards which means that all components that come under load in a fall are tested to 3000lbs.  Trust that you're safe when you hang with a Black Belt!  



Retail Price


This is our standard sized model that is best for waist size up to 34" with layers.  If you need a larger version we offer the XL that will fit waist sizes of 34" or larger.  The manufacturer suggest user weight ratings up to 300#.  


Standard Black Belt Saddle

-Includes Oplux Bridge and prussik


-Black Belt Standard Saddle

-Oplux Bridge and Prussik

-Oplux Lineman's Belt w/ prussik and Black Diamond Oval Carabiner

-Oplux Tether Rope w/ Prussik and Black Diamond Oval Carabiner


We offer a 5 year warranty on any issues related to a manufacturer or material defect.  We don't cover a warranty based on normal "wear and tear".  

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