Saddle Bags

Saddle Bags
Saddle Bags

We're bringing you our Timber Ninja Saddle Bags!  After years of saddle hunting and using different bags we found that rectangular shaped bags with zippered closure were the best fit for our style of hunting.  These saddle bags are made in the USA.  We have two sizes that should benefit your needs for storage while saddle hunting.  They're double stitched, using the same thread that we use for our saddles and that our manufacturer uses for fall protection harnesses and lanyards.  The seams are also "serged and bound" in the critical areas they experience the most stress.  This creates a very solid bag that will last a long time.  They are offered in black only at this point to compliment our Blackbelt saddle.  They attach via molle loops on the saddle.  They offer a zipper top which we use high quality industrial zippers for these.  

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Regular Bag- 5.25”X 9.25”

Large Bag- 8.5”X 5.25” X 2.5”

Made in the USA 

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